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Great Words by Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama

Cyclic existence means bondage and liberation means freedom from this bondage. …[T]he causes of cyclic existence are contaminated actions and afflictions. If the roots of the afflictions are eliminated and if new actions are not ‘accumulated’, since there are no affiliations to activate the predispositions of contaminated actions persisting from the past, the causes of cyclic existence have been eliminated. Then there is freedom from bondage. Some say that as long as one still has mental physical aggregates wrought by former contaminated actions and afflictions, one has a nirvana with remainder. When these no longer remain, there is a nirvana without remainder. ‘Without remainder’ means that there is no remainder of mental and physical aggregates wrought by contaminated actions and afflictions, but the continuum of consciousness and the continuum of uncontaminated mental and physical aggregates still exist.

Dalai Lama