Motivating Quotes On Gardening

I am sure that if you plant the trees back again, it will do nothing but good.
Michael Fish

I do some of my best thinking while pulling weeds.
Martha Smith

I don’t like formal gardens. I like wild nature. It’s just the wilderness instinct in me, I guess.
Walt Disney

I grow plants for many reasons: to please my eye or to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow.
David Hobson

I love decorating my home. I’m a gardener too, so that’s usually something I have to play catch up with.
Suzy Bogguss

I loved to get all dusty and ride horses and plant potatoes and cotton.
Dorothy Malone

I plant a lot of trees. I am a great believer in planting things for future generations. I loathe the now culture where you just live for today.
Penelope Keith

I think this is what hooks one to gardening: it is the closest one can come to being present at creation.
Phyllis Theroux

If a tree dies, plant another in its place.
Carolus Linnaeus

If we had paid no more attention to our plants than we have to our children, we would now be living in a jungle of weed.
Luther Burbank

188 – Quotes from How I Met Your Mother


{ Goliath National Bank’s ad }
Voice-over: What makes Goliath National Bank different from other big banks? Here at GNB, We Care.
Barney Stinson: { holding a recycling bin } I care about our precious Earth. { puts in spent soft drink can }
Randy: { opening the door for an old woman } I care about old people.
Arthur Hobbs: I care about high-yield, offshore investments, and so does Tugboat here. Isn’t that right, Tugboat? { plays with dog }
Marshall Eriksen: { at his office, eating salad } Okay, get that camera out of my face before I flip you like a cheese omelet!

How I Met Your Mother

Words by Justin Furstenfeld

Justin Furstenfeld

You’re fucking yourself! The bigger the music industry is the more albums people are going to buy so keep the music industry alive. Just if you don’t want to be a part of a major corporation, that basically is a big bank loan, then go be by yourself and good luck to you. I hope you have a big enough Myspace page.

Justin Furstenfeld

Blue October Interview (Justin Furstenfield)
by Jackie Lee King

Once Quoted by Nicolas Cage

nicolas cage

It’s very risky for an actor who’s a bankable star to make pictures like The Weather Man (2005) or Lord of War (2005) because they inevitably promote them like big studio releases. And they’re not big studio movies, they’re more edgy, thought-provoking, independent-spirited films. What happens is, it goes into the computer, and everyone says they can’t open the movie because they thought it was X when it actually was Y.

Nicolas Cage